Carat Duchatelet
Strong of an experience of more than 40 years, Carat Duchatelet is proud to offer its customers the upmost of the luxury armored car.
Carat Duchatelet

The ongoing confidence placed in CARAT DUCHATELET by numerous Royal families, Head of state and top businessmen brings us daily satisfaction and ensures you to receive the best tailored armored passenger car.

Founded in 1968 by Frederic Duchatelet and acquired by the Belgian group Capital People SA on 2014, CARAT DUCHATELET, the world leader in armored prestige vehicles, counts Sheiks, Kings, Presidents, CEOs and other wealthy VIPs among its customers.

Far away from mass and series production, Carat Duchatelet integrates the highest level of security and luxury into prestige sedans, limousines and off-road vehicles. Currently, over 40 Heads-of-State from Africa, Europe, Middle-East, Far East, Asia, Russia and former Soviet Republics are driven in Carat Duchatelet vehicles (Mercedes, Maybach, Bentley, Rolls Royce, Toyota LC, Lexus, Range Rover, ...).

Next to integrating armoring into VIP vehicles, Carat Duchatelet engineers and craftsmen stretch vehicles both in length and height, and create personalized luxury interiors. Thanks to the conjunction of unique in-house skills, talents and engineering, as soon as you enter a Carat Duchatelet car you feel unsurpassed by quality, refinement, protection and reliability.

Today, the Belgian company is recognized as the world leader in armor integration and the manufacture of specialty in the automotive industry.

Notice that, since Mai 2014, Carat Duchatelet Belgium has been taken over by the Belgian company Capital People SA. It means that Carat Duchatelet Belgium is henceforth an independent Belgian company.

Therefore, Carat Duchatelet's luxury cars are only built in the historical plant from Liège in Belgium.

The thirteen activities

For the production of its car Carat by Duchatelet does not need to call on outside support. Once an order has been signed and sealed, a chain of thirteen activities goes into action to set about producing the car.
These thirteen areas of activity are comprised out of:
the research and design office,
the armouring of the body and doors,
the sheet metal workshop for the lengthening of the body and doors,
the laser cutting,
the armour plating of the body,
the armour plating of the doors,
the preparation and painting,
the electricity,
the cabinet making and veneering of precious woods,
the fitting of the body and doors,
the composite elements,
the leather trimming and the electronics.

By Christian Lahaye

Carat Duchatelet
Carat Duchatelet
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