Carat Duchatelet
Classic Car Restoration
International recognition
Classic Car Restoration
CARAT DUCHATELET was founded in the 1960s, implementing hand-crafted excellence in automobile customisation, renovation and construction.
As a symbol of excellence and quality, CARAT DUCHATELET provides its international clientele with custom service using standard methods of manufacturing.
Carat Duchatelet Classic

Friendly restoration
Our craftsmen have perfect mastery of their techniques to produce high-quality work in restoring any vintage or modern automobile.

Technical Mastery - The precious heritage
Our master upholsterers discerningly select genuine materials and work them using upholstery techniques.
Our woodworkers meticulously restore and accurately create all types of woodwork involved in the structure or finish of the car.
The metal (steel or aluminium) is shaped with passion by our craftspeople using specific techniques (wheeling, hammering, welding...).
Our painters give colour and sparkle to rough body–work with care and respect given to the authenticity of the colours applied.
Our electricians replace and renovate electric harness, create wiring according to specifications or instal electric equipment in compliance with the original structure.

Carat Duchatelet
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